I’ve been wanting to set up a blog to use for updates in lieu of the admin account on the Akkoma instance. It took me a while to find blog software that was fitting enough, and then to actually set it up, but finally it’s done. I’ll still be posting Akkoma-related news through @admin@pl.hyperboreal.zone, but anything else I’ll only be posting in full here and linking on the Akkoma account.

This blog is currently using a pretty lightweight theme with not much going on visually; this is (probably) only temporary until I can make something custom. I opted for this theme because it was, to be frank, pretty much the only theme that wasn’t completely overloaded with ridiculous amounts of JavaScript and CSS. There’s also some other mild issues with the theme I’m using right now, for example post dates don’t display when actually viewing a post despite showing up on the blog list (???), there’s no author information (not a big deal since it’s all me, ngoomie, anyways), and I don’t 100% know how to get RSS working, so I’ll probably have to make mild adjustments before I pop out a fullblown theme anyways.