The Akkoma instance will be closed on January 1st, 2024. It was interesting to try running my own fediverse instance, but moderation is a bit of a stressful experience since I need to be pretty on top of what’s going on in the fediverse, forcing me to be way more active than I want to be as well as acutely aware of all sorts of goings on that are stressful and that I don’t even have any personal involvement with. I’ve also been having strange tech issues I can’t seem to figure out, like auto post deletion plain not working. Additionally it uses a really massive amount of resources relative to any other service I’ve ran before whether on HBZ or elsewhere, like additional storage that costs me extra money per month (even with image caching off, even if you don’t consider user uploads, because the text from remote posts is literally just that huge), or general processing power that I’ve been wanting to use for other things.

If you don’t have other instances in mind to jump to, here’s a few I’ve found to also be good, having similar rules or vibes similar to what I wanted to cultivate:

If you’re unfamiliar with any fediverse software other than Akkoma, it’s worth a mention that Firefish and the Glitch fork of Mastodon both have features that Akkoma has that other fedi software like mainline Mastodon lack, such as emoji reacts on posts (instead of just favourites) and quote posts, so on that front you might be more comfortable on those. The aforementioned software also have a very different visual style and layout however, which may be a bit less comfortable.

How to move

Step 1: exporting data from your account

From your HBZ Akkoma account you can, if you want, export the list of people you’re following, the people you’re blocking, and the people you’re muting, to be imported into another instance. All of these options can be found (from the normal web interface) in the settings, under the “Data import / export” tab.

Step 2: importing data into your new account

Importing data into Akkoma also takes place in the “Data import / export” tab, so I won’t explain that part over again. On Mastodon this is under “Import and export” > “Import” in your settings.

Step 3: marking your account as migrated

To automatically notify your followers that you’ve moved and even have them automatically follow you on your new account, you have to perform a few extra actions on both your old and new account.

On the new account first you have to add your old account as an alias. On Akkoma this is under the “Security” tab in the settings, you want the section “Account aliases” which you have to scroll down a fair bit from the top for. On Mastodon this is under “Account” > “Account settings”, under the section “Moving from a different account”.

On the old account second you have to mark your new account as the place you’ve now moved to. This is under the “Security” tab in the settings.

Once you’ve added the alias to your new account first and then marked your old account as moved second, the process of notifying your followers of the move should begin.

If you have any additional questions, please message me at my new fedi account,