The sitewide maintenance finished a few days late with only minor issue. e-mail was harder to setup than I expected it to, and that was the sole reason things lasted for multiple days. Additionally, the blog and RSS-Bridge were broken for the remainder of the month, but have been fixed as of today. The blog has been replaced with something running on new software, but containing the same content.

As for the blog, I just could not seem to get Grav working on the new server setup. Probably if I’d tried harder, I would’ve been able to. But Grav felt like more trouble than it was worth, and so I made the decision to switch to Jekyll. For now I’m just using the default theme, but thankfully, creating custom themes with Jekyll looks infinitely easier than it was with Grav, so that won’t remain the case forever.

For RSS-Bridge, between when I’d moved the server and whenever I had last updated it, they actually changed some of the folder structure, and for some reason my existing setup would not play nice, so I opted to just re-install it… whenever I had the motivation to do so, which turned out to be today.